Mitigate breach and data loss risk with private and dedicated data storage infrastructure. Utilise full scalability and a stringently maintained housing environment. Remotely monitor data usage, energy performance and consumptions. Your data is valuable. Protect it and get full insight.



Full Operational Security

Ensure the fluidity of your business functions with our extensive network of fibre links. Choose from a range of connectivity partners to suit your needs, whether you're hosting publicly or privately. Maximise your services with data that is quick to access and fully secure.

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Remote Monitoring

Track your data usage, energy performance and consumptions offsite IT Eyes remote monitoring. Receive real-time updates on system health and alarms on user threshold breaches or communications failures. Utilise consumable reporting and ensure maximum efficiency.

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24/7 Dedicated Support

In addition to purpose built data storage design, our in house team undertake continual maintenance for maximum performance. Rely on our industry leading international operational network connectivity. Benefit from rapid data deployment and flexible storage expansion.

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Evo Pods


Reduced carbon footprint with rapidly upgradable liquid and evaporative air-cooling functionalities from anywhere between 400KW and 2.4MW. Increase your storage capacity with zero downtime. Benefit from diversified backup energy and storage maintenance capabilities.


Power, cooling and network connectivity supported by multiple sources.

Multiple power, cooling and network backups.

Standalone Evo Pod deployments, internally or externally to the facility.

Rapid data deployment.

Upgradable power and cooling infrastructure.



If you want to find out more about how Athena Data Centres could help you in securing your digital assets, leave your details below and we will be in touch.