athena data centre open day presentation

Roundup of the Athena open day

Official Opening From the Lord Mayor of Birmingham

This week we were privileged to welcome Yvonne Mosquito, Lord Mayor of Birmingham to officially open our custom built data centre in the heart of the city. Lord Mayor Mosquito recognised Athena Vaults vision in driving the technological capabilities of the West Midlands region and in doing so stimulating the regional economy.

Noting the necessity of data security for modern business operations, The Lord Mayor emphasised the opportunity Athena Datacentres provides for businesses wanting full global connectivity and maximum security.

Andy Acton – Athena Vaults CEO stated “We were really pleased that the Lord Mayor recognised our investment into the region, fully understanding our vision to transform availability of technology to businesses in Birmingham and beyond. It was a pleasure to welcome The Lord Mayor and other regional business leaders to our facility and we are immensely proud to support the UKs most aspiring region.”

Athena Open Day

Our inaugural open day on the 20th of March was a definite success. Athena Datacentres were pleased to welcome over 50 attendees, including field leading guest speakers and a wide range of leading industry professionals.

After registration and an initial meet and greet. Our Group CEO Andy Acton began formal proceedings. He explained the foundations upon which Athena Vaults was built, the desire for businesses to obtain digital services from one single provider.

He also explained the core Athena Vaults value of growing business without barriers. In other words, Athena Vaults provides businesses with an ability to fully secure digital assets, while maintaining full accessibility to support their operations. Athena provides businesses with scalable infrastructure, a platform from which to develop.

Next James Wilman, CEO of Future Tech (an organisation of data centre construction experts) explained the tier 3 maintainable standard of the Athena Datacentres facility itself. He emphasised our ability to remove or replace any piece of equipment while maintaining 100% uptime service.

Athena Datacentres strategic partner Wavenet and Director Ali Moshin furthered the commitment of Athena to provide the secure platform for businesses to streamline operations, alongside the highest levels of security and stability.

Those who attended viewed a recorded demo of our Athena Cloud platform and experienced its rapid deployment capability first hand. This included a real time demonstration of server activation in under 90 seconds, one click blueprint environment creation and responsibility safety settings.

Finally, the day ended with an opportunity for industry professionals to network and receive guided tours of our custom built data centre with our colocation experts. If you want to be a part of future events and experience the growth potential of our market leading technologies first hand, then please register your interest below and we will contact you with details of our next event.

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