Why data centres are essential to your 2019 growth strategy.

Data means everything to business. It’s a high value strategic resource collected by corporates, SMEs and AI machines in expansive volumes. It’s also the norm for teams of dedicated analysts to scrutinise and investigate data for cost reduction and income generation.

The pace and bulk of data production is higher than ever before considering its strategic value. But the unfortunate consequence of this is that even the largest corporations are now falling victim to cyber attack and data breach.

When considering connectivity, security, scalability and cost, why is offsite colocation the best colocation solution for your business?

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Security and stability

Protecting your data is essential, which is why modern data centres implement stringent security measures to keep your data and applications safe. The highest quality colocation providers house client servers in near impenetrable physical and digital environments. With the leading accredited providers boasting biometric scanners, 24/7 onsite security, coded access points, closed circuit cameras and secure firewalls.

For even the smallest businesses, the cost of implementing similar security systems is considerable. By choosing to store your critical infrastructure and applications in dedicated facilities you can take confidence in advanced protection from forms of physical and cyber threats, such as denial of service attacks or IP theft.

An enterprise class data centre will utilise multiple power grids, UPS, backup power generators and have straight maintenance procedures carried out by highly trained onsite staff. These measures ensure clients avoid interruptions to service and applications perform to the highest expectations.

Advantageous connectivity options

If you choose an carrier neutral colocation provider, you can benefit from multiple choices in connectivity providers. Not only do you have more choice, but can benefit from subsequent competitive prices of opposing services. Simply put, carrier neutral colocation providers allow connectivity options that are simply not available in most corporate comms rooms or data centre environments.

You can ensure that the unique and specific connectivity requirements of your business are well met with access to numerous leading Telcos, ISP’s, internet exchanges and hyperscale cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud. This in turn allows for hybrid and multi cloud services to be easily deployed.

Not only can you benefit from a more competitive service offering and high bandwidth speeds, but your business can also benefit financially. This is because you don’t have to pay the costs of maintaining advanced IT infrastructure within your own site, allowing your in-house teams to focus on other business requirements.

Reactive scalability

One of the major benefits of using an offsite colocation provider is that you can benefit from options of scalability. Being able to choose the right size infrastructure for your requirements from day one, has distinct advantages in terms of cost savings and budget planning.

In an era in which your computing requirements are ever evolving and where demand can fluctuate, the right provider allows you to effectively scale without costly penalisation. Even if this means removing your data altogether. Alterable capacity removes a need to hire and fire staff within your business as requirements change.

Similarly data centres provide a fast alternative for businesses looking to rapidly expand. In accommodating their growth, it is easier to store data with professional providers than setting up internal infrastructures both financially and pragmatically.

Crucially, once data is deployed externally on private servers, it is not irretrievable. Business can benefit from setting up temporary test or development environments to assess the effectiveness colocation services for their operations. If deemed unnecessary or unsuccessful, full scalability ensures confidence of full data retrieval and removal from colocation providers.

Future-Proofing for a multi cloud world

As businesses embrace Cloud services for more and more business functions, colocation providers become an essential part of a “Hub & Spoke” architecture to manage and deploy a multi-cloud strategy.

With client's infrastructure within their Colocation Data Centre becoming the “Hub” and secure, private connections to multiple cloud providers being the “Spoke”, businesses can gain significant benefits from selecting a colocation provider that can provide the necessary ultra-low latency connectivity options required to deploy such a strategy.

Cost effective investment

Cost savings are clear in utilising outsourced data centres. Businesses are able to benefit from individually tailored colocation services, without directly investing into the costly development of similar infrastructure and staff training on-premise.

Instead they only pay for the equipment environment they use within 3rd party facility such as space, power, bandwidth and support services that house their IT infrastructure.

Unpredictable capital expenditures in maintaining onsite data infrastructure become predictable monthly expenses with data centre services. This allows businesses to more effectively allocate existing IT resources and budget more effectively within their operations.

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